• June 2014
    Reports released:
    • STECF: Baltic advice for 2015 (STECF 14-10 / Written Procedure)
  • May 2014
    Reports released:
    • STECF: Balance indicators (STECF 14-09)

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Quantitative Fisheries Science using FLR and a4a on 25-29 AUGUST 2014 at JRC,
Italy is open for registration with deadline 11 July 2014

For more information: here.

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DG Mare calls: DG Mare calls:

No open calls at the moment.


Fishreg calls: Fishreg calls:

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We would like to inform you that the calls for independent experts for Horizon 2020 have been published ( These 'calls addressed to individuals for the establishment of a database of prospective independent experts and to organisations such as research agencies, research institutions, universities, standardisation organisations, civil society organisations or enterprises', have been designed to encourage and attract experts with the widest range of profiles needed for Horizon 2020. This includes cross-cutting aspects such as: innovation; SMEs; dissemination, knowledge transfer and intellectual property rights; social and economic sciences and humanities; responsible research and innovation; research career development, doctoral training, and skills; sustainable development; and international cooperation. The resulting expert database will be used among other things for selecting expert evaluators and reviewers.

The full text of the calls is available at:
OJ C342/03 and OJ C342/03 respectively.

We would encourage you to remind experts in your policy area or scientific fields to register and/or update their files, and to help us in reaching out to the widest possible range of relevant profiles.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards

Release of STECF reports: Once a report is released by the STECF and placed in ‘final reports’ section this will be indicated here. JRC also plans to create an automatic notification tool which interested parties can sign up to.