Travel allowance Travel allowance

All experts shall be entitled to the reimbursement of their travel expenses from the place specified in their invitation to the place of the meeting. This travel must be organised on the basis of the most appropriate means of transport and trying to benefit from the most economical travel rates. The services in charge of reimbursement shall have the right to carry out any checks that might be needed and to request any proof from the expert required for this purpose. They shall also have the right, where it appears to be justified, to restrict reimbursement to the rates normally applied to the usual journey from the expert's place of work or residence to the meeting place. So please do be careful when organising your trip.

As a general rule, means of transport are:

  • first-class rail travel journey less than 400 km (one way);
  • economy class air travel for distances of more than 400 km. Business class is allowed for a flight of 4 hours or more without stopovers;
  • private car. The travel shall be reimbursed at the same rate as the first-class rail ticket, or by default at the rate of 0,22 € per km.

For more details please refer to the original document: PMO-info-reimbursement.pdf.

Daily allowance Daily allowance

The daily allowance is a flat rate. It covers all meals and local transport (bus, tram, metro, taxi, parking, motorway tolls, etc.), as well as travel and accident insurance. It amounts to 92 € per day of meeting. If the distance between the place of departure cited in the invitation (be it your private or professional address) is 100 km or less from the place where the meeting is held, the daily allowance shall be reduced by 50%. You shall then only receive 46 €.

For more details please refer to the original document: PMO-info-reimbursement.pdf.

Accommodation allowance Accommodation allowance

If you have to spend one or more nights at the place where the meeting is held because the times of meetings are incompatible with the times of flights or trains, you shall also be entitled to an accommodation allowance. This allowance shall be 100 € per night. The number of nights may not exceed the number of meeting days + 1.

For more details please refer to the original document: PMO-info-reimbursement.pdf.

Special allowances Special allowances

STECF members and external experts shall be entitled to special allowances further to their participation in the activities of the STECF. For details see: Commission Decision of 25 February 2016 setting up a Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (2016/C 74/05).
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Important Important

Please remember that you must provide the meeting’s secretary with the documents necessary for their reimbursement, as required by the financial rules applicable in the Commission, by letter, fax or e-mail postmarked or dated no later than 30 calendar days after the final day of the meeting. Beyond this deadline, the Commission is absolved from any obligation to reimburse travel expenses or pay any allowances.