Information notes: Information notes:

Here you will find practical information on how to get involved in STECF work, registration, logistics, allowances, and how to claim expenses.

Members of the STECF and expert working group participants are invited by the Commission as independent scientific experts and as such, are not representatives of Institutions or Member States. Experts from outside the EU can also be invited to participate as independent experts.

Note: The Commission works very hard to ensure that STECF experts are paid quickly. The tasks of the STECF secretariat relating to these payments is to collect, quality-check and process the expert's forms and then send them to the Commission's services in Brussels who are in charge of the actual payments. Please note that reimbursement of expenses (travel, daily & accommodation allowances) and compensation for participation in the activities are done on separate budget lines meaning that you will receive two different payments.

Legislation: Legislation:

Special allowances for the time spent on STECF activities are foreseen to the experts attending the meetings. Also, experts are paid daily & accommodation allowances and reimbursed for travel expenses. The special allowances are laid out in the Annex the Commission Decision of 25 February 2016 setting up a Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (2016/C 74/05) - all languages:


Protocol for STECF meetings participants

STECF members and external experts, invited to attend either STECF plenary meetings or Expert Working Groups, are appointed or invited in their personal capacity. They shall act independently (Article 5 of Commission Decision 2016/C 74/05).
It is a general policy of the Commission to ensure transparency and participation of stakeholders to the decision making process.