Appendices of STECF reports (data) Appendices of STECF reports (data)

Here you can find the electronic annexes (“data tables”) of STECF reports on:

  • Evaluation of fishing effort regimes
  • Economic performance of the EU Fleet
  • Economic performance of the EU aquaculture sector
  • Economic performance of the EU fish processing sectors
  • Assessments of Mediterranean fish stocks
  • Assessments of Black Sea fish stocks

Please note that all of the “data tables” available here are integral parts of the STECF reports with which they are associated and are not updated after the reports have been published. It is essential that you consult the relevant reports and familiarise yourself with their content in order to understand the legal basis of the requests by the European Commission to EU Member States to submit the data contained in the tables. The reports also contain important information on the limitations of the data regarding coverage and quality.

It is also essential that you quote the source of the data used in any further analyses (reference to the appropriate STECF report).

Please note that the most-recently published STECF reports and associated “data tables” on economics (fleet, aquaculture, fish processing) and evaluation of fishing effort regimes, supersede any previously published reports and data tables.

You may also wish to consult the Data Collection website containing a ‘Data Dissemination’ tool, where some data and a set of derived indicators for an audience of scientific and other experts can be obtained through interactive tables, charts and maps

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STECF 15-07 --- EWG 15-03 and EWG 15-07

STECF 14-16 --- EWG 14-05 and EWG 14-04

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