2017 - Evaluation of Effort Regimes (FDI classic) 2017 - Evaluation of Effort Regimes (FDI classic)

Report Annex Data on-line graphs
Tables as required to answer the terms of reference set for the STECF expert working group on Fisheries Dependent Information.

Data by Quarter-Rectangle   on-line graphs
Tables and maps of effort and landings by ICES statistical rectangles.

Data download  on-line graphs
Data can be downloaded from the JRC Data Catalogue.

Important information
The data published on this page are the result of the 2017 DCF data call to support fishing effort regime evaluations. The data provided by Member States during the data call were analyzed during the STECF Expert Working Group on Fisheries Dependent Information (EWG 17-05). Information about the scope of the data in each annex, the relationship of data to management regimes and the meanings of the codes used can be found in the description of the data. Before accessing the data we strongly encourage to read this document and also the STECF report (STECF 17-09).
Please note that, data are structured by effort (EU) management regime (or management area) – signified by the annex field; therefore, data must not be summed across different annexes otherwise multiple counting of the same effort or catch values may result.
Data are currently disseminated through the Tableau data visualization platform. In order to take advantage of the potentialities of the tool, please read the following short description of Tableau functionalities.

Disclaimer: Although the data published on this page have been assessed by STECF, the quality and completeness of the data are under the responsibility of the Member States. Information about the coverage of the data provided by Member States can be found in the FDI data call coverage report.