2020 - Fisheries Dependent Information - FDI 2020 - Fisheries Dependent Information - FDI

The data published on this page are the result of the 2020 DCF Fisheries Dependent Information (FDI) data call. The data provided by EU Member States during the data call were analysed during the STECF Expert Working Group on Fisheries Dependent Information (EWG 20-10). Before accessing the data, we strongly encourage to read the STECF report (STECF 20-10).

Disclaimer: Although the data published on this page were assessed by STECF, the quality and completeness of the data are under the responsibility of EU Member States.

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  • Capacity, effort, landings and catches data  on-line graphs
    • When the level of aggregation of the data is at country level, confidential data are not shown, the placeholder C is used instead
    • The regions 71, 77, 81, 87 and 88 are grouped and named Pacific Ocean; the regions 51 and 57 are grouped and named Indian Ocean

    Disclaimer: discards amounts in the catches data are scientific discards estimates based on National sampling programmes that do not support the level of disaggregation requested by the FDI data call. The quality of discards estimates cannot be assured and should be used with caution, as these estimates might be uncertain and biased.

  • Spatial effort and landings data   on-line graphs