EWG 20-04


Evaluation of Landing Obligation joint recommendations

Meeting open to observers: No
but info session for 'observers' on 27 May 2020

18 May 2020 --- 22 May 2020


D. Rihan & T. Catchpole

DG MARE unit / focalpoint

STECF Secretariat / JRC focalpoint
C. Konrad

Review Process
writtem procedure by 29 June

Registration Instructions

Deadline for the expression of interest to attend a meeting is 20 working days before the start of a meeting. Those experts who register after the deadline will be given lower priority depending on the number of registered participants and seats available.
The process for selecting participants for STECF meetings is as follows: the chairman, the coordinator the focal point and the STECF secretariat contact interested organisations and inform them of the upcoming meeting and invite suitable candidates to register their interest. As the meeting date approaches the secretariat takes the list of people who have registered and forwards it to the DG-MARE focal point, chairman and coordinator. The participants are chosen from the list based on their experience, but also in order to create a balanced group of participants (not too few, not too many) that covers the relevant geographical areas as well as areas of expertise. The list is published and an invitation letter is prepared. Only once an expert has received an invitation letter can travel be arranged.

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(Deadline for registration: 01 May 2020)

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