Management Plans; impacts and evaluations Management Plans; impacts and evaluations

Here you can find the reports referring to topics such as multi-annual management plan evaluations, impact assessments, harvest control rules (HCRs), etc.

Reviewed by Written Procedure Reviewed by Written Procedure

JRC111685; OWP (pub: 2018.01) - Evaluation of alternative scenarios for Adriatic small pelagic MAP

JRC110676; OWP (pub: 2018.01) - Assessment of the implementation report of the management plan for boat seines ('sonsera') in the autonomous region of Catalonia

Reviewed in Plenary meeting Reviewed in Plenary meeting

JRC103958; EWG 16-02 (pub: 2016.11) 05-09 Sept 2016, Verase (Italy) --- Multiannual plan for demersal fisheries in the Western Mediterranean. Please see Annexes in the file below: