Procedure Procedure

Every person invited to the meeting has to organise its own trip. The location of the meeting is specified on the on the individual meeting’s website and on the registration page. Anyone from outside the Commission who is invited to give a specific professional opinion in a committee wherever the location of the meeting, is entitled to a reimbursement.

The expense claims have to be initiated by the invited person not before the start of the meeting and not later than 30 calendar days after the final day of the meeting. For more details on the allowances rights please read the 'Allowances' section and read the 'Expense Claims' section to know the reimbursement procedure.

Meeting in Ispra Meeting in Ispra

Meeting in JRC Ispra or nearby Ispra

If your meeting is in Ispra or nearby we can arrange free taxi from the airport or train station to the meeting place (if you insert such a request on the registration page). Milan Malpensa is by far the most convenient airport to arrive to Ispra. Below you can find the taxi meeting points. We will in addition arrange travel between the actual meeting location and your accommodation if necessary.

If the meeting is located in Ispra or nearby we can book a hotel room on your behalf (if you insert such a request on the registration page).

Where to meet the driver on arrival?

  • Malpensa Airport - Terminal n. 1: arrivals hall, exit n. 3, inside the building
  • Malpensa Airport - Terminal n. 2: arrivals hall, inside the building
  • Milan Linate: arrivals hall for international flights
  • Lugano Agno Airport: Main exit
  • Milan Central Station - Main exit of the Central Station, go left, where there is a few metres away, a small parking area
  • Arona Railway station: Main exit - ticket office
  • Lugano Railway station: Main exit - square

Transport Office telephone numbers Transport Office telephone numbers

  • During working hours: +39 0332 789558 or +39 0332 789559
  • Outside working hours: +39 345-25-15-035

JRC Entrance procedure JRC Entrance procedure

Research on nuclear safeguards is taking place at JRC Ispra and entrance procedures are particularly strict. A JRC/CCR taxi or bus will come and pick you up in the morning (usually 08:30h) of the first day of the meeting outside the entrance of your hotel.

When you arrive at the main entrance of JRC, the taxi or bus will have to let you out so that you can go to the reception (in the right wing of the building) to get registered and receive your special entrance permit. You must present the same ID document - ID card or passport – that you entered in the JRC Register for Events Module. Reception will keep your ID card/passport until you leave when you will also have to give back the special entrance permit.

This procedure will be repeated every morning and afternoon during the meeting. In the morning of the first day of the meeting, a JRC representative will come to the main entrance/reception to welcome you and show you the way to the building where the meeting will take place.