SG-MOS 09-05: Assessment of Fishing Effort Regime - Part II


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28 September 2009 (9:00 a.m.) -- 02 October 2009 (16:00)

Barza d'Ispra, Italy, Casa Don Guanella

Nick Bailey

DG MARE unit / focalpoint
Patrick Daniel and Jan Lindemann

STECF Secretariat / JRC focalpoint

Review Process
STECF Autumn Plenay

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Terms of Reference


Meeting venue is the Casa Don Guanella, Barza d" Ispra, Italy: http://www.casadonguanella.it/

20 rooms are pre-booked at the Casa Don Guanella, specify yur needs (arrival, departure, full or half pension) by means of the registration process (can be updated).

Taxi shuttle from Milan Airports (Malpensa recommended, or Linate) to the Casa Don Guanella will be organised based on the dates you specify in the registration.


Final Report
  1. Final report on the Baltic fishing effort regime evaluation - JRC57572
  2. Final report on the Annex IIA and Celtic Sea effort regime evaluation - JRC58544
  3. Final report on the Deep Sea and Western Waters effort regime evaluation - JRC59823

Experts declarations

Aggregated fleet specific data tables to supplement the reports. Data users are strongly advised to carefully read the reports for fleet nominations and data defficiencies to avoid misinterpretations!

  1. Nominal effort trends by country
  2. Landings discard rates
  3. CPUE and LPUE
  4. CPUE and LPUE by country
  5. Effective effort by statisical rectangle and country